To the Editors: 

While reading Julia Mead’s article about Trader Joe’s, I found myself remembering my own trip to a somewhat similar store. Over the summer, I was lucky enough to accompany my father to the wonderland that is Costco. Like Trader Joe’s, Costco only stocks one brand of each item, though that is really where the comparison ends. See, my dad goes to Costco because he is a fiend for deals of the bulk variety.

The mistake that Julia makes is equating lack of choice within the store to lack of choice at all. Some people like Trader Joe’s for its unique products at a marked-up price (I do too, sometimes), while others prefer the ability to buy as much as they want for as little as possible. 

So when I walked down the aisles of Costco marveling at my ability to buy unwieldy amounts of Kirkland Potato Chips for cheap, I swelled with pride for the American system of capitalism. I didn’t buy the chips, but I felt heartened knowing that I could. And that is why we won and they lost. That is why America is the land of the free and the home of those who eat way too many potato chips.

Adam Lamont ’16