To the Editors: 

At the polls on November 4, please cast your vote for Kathy Wilson for Brunswick Town Councilor At Large. 

 Kathy is a local small business owner on Pleasant Street who was born in a maternity clinic right on Longfellow Avenue. She is a progressive who has observed many changes in Brunswick over the years and welcomes change to come, as long as it is thoughtfully managed.  She is an outspoken advocate for education, appreciating that we must invest in the youth in our community.  At the same time, she is for wise spending of Brunswick’s limited resources so that high taxes do not discourage young families from settling here, drive seniors from their homes or force businesses to locate elsewhere.

 Kathy loves Brunswick and has served it well as a member of the Downtown Master Plan Implementation Committee and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.  Kathy will be dedicated and hard-working member of Town Council.  She’s a big-picture person, willing to listen to all views, who will work for the common good of all Brunswick, not just the interests of a few.

 For more about Kathy, visit her website: 

Alison Harris
Brunswick, ME