To the Editor:

If you, like many members of the Bowdoin community, will be voting in Brunswick's Maine House District 66, you'll see my name on your ballot for Representative to the Legislature as K. Frederick Horch, Green  Independent.

Two questions may come to mind.

First, yes, I am related to professor Hadley Horch in the biology department. We have been married for 17 years.

Second, I am running as a Green Independent because I share the values of the Green party, and because I believe a third-party perspective in 
Augusta will strengthen our democratic republic.

Our future depends on our ability to grow a strong and sustainable economy.  I believe we need to make fundamental changes, especially with 
regard to Maine's renewable energy market.  We cannot remain so dependent on fossil fuel for much longer without risking complete disaster.

For some of you, this election will be your first. I remember very well 
voting in my first election: an alumnus of my small liberal arts college 
was the Democratic nominee for President. After having avidly followed 
every aspect of the presidential campaign, I realized once in the voting 
booth that I knew nothing about the local races.

Regardless of your decision, thanks for participating in our political 
process by casting an informed vote on Tuesday, November 6.

Fred Horch
Green Independent candidate for Representative to the Legislature
Maine House District 66
44 Pleasant Street
Brunswick, Maine
522-6844 cell
725-9104 home