To the Editor, 

We noted with pleasure the Orient's endorsement of Mattie Daughtry (October 26, 2012). Mattie is indeed a terrific candidate who will bring a fresh perspective to Augusta for the residents of District 66. However, many Bowdoin students are actually in District 63, and may be puzzled by the fact that Ms. Daughtry is not on their ballot. They will find that the Democratic House candidate on their ballot is Charles Priest, and in both House Districts the Democratic Senate candidate is Stan Gerzofsky. We urge Bowdoin students in District 63 to help re-elect Priest and in both 63 and 66 to select Gerzofsky. 

Charlie Priest's record of public service is impressive. He served on the local Town Council and continues to work on local Boards. Charlie is the only candidate in District 63 who is endorsed by Equality Maine and the League of Conservation Voters, as well as numerous other progressive organizations. Charlie has led the charge on marriage equality in the Legislature for several years, and his record on environmental protection is stellar. As the Democratic lead on the Legislature's Judiciary Committee, he wields real influence in moderating some of the more troubling proposals put forth by the Republican-held Legislature under Governor LePage. 

All Bowdoin students are also ably represented by Senator Stan Gerzofsky. Like Charlie, Stan is the only candidate in the Senate race endorsed by Maine's progressive organizations, including Planned Parenthood of NNE Action Fund and the Maine Education Association. Stan oversees the critical redevelopment process for the former Brunswick Naval Air Station, and serves on the Legislature's Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.  

We hope you will support sending Charlie Priest and Stan Gerzofsky back to Augusta - this time in the majority!

Andy Cashman, Chair (Bowdoin Class of 2003)
Jackie Sartoris, Vice-Chair
Brunswick Democratic Town Committee