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Talk of the Quad

Interview lessons

I have the voice recordings from every interview I have conducted as an Orient reporter. At last count, I had 105, an average of slightly more than two interviews per week. They occupy a non-negligible portion of my phone’s memory space.

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Spindleworks fosters connections through art

At Spindleworks, a staff of seven professional “artist mentors” helps participants develop their artistic skills in a variety of media including writing, painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture, animation, filmmaking and musical theater. The center also provides artists with the opportunity to display and sell their work in local shows. Several Bowdoin students volunteer each year.

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Bottom of the Barrel

Eppa SupraFruta white Sangria is a one-way ticket to swell times

Trusted music blog Wikipedia defines Tropical House, also known as “trop house,” as a subgenre of deep house. “It possesses typical house music characteristics, including synthesizer instrumentation, and a 4/4 kick drum pattern. Tropical house differentiates itself from deep house, which can often have a very dark sound, whereas tropical house can be described as having a more uplifting and relaxing sound.

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Talk of the Quad

Caught in a haze

Recently, my friends have stopped asking me if I’m going to drink this weekend. I can’t tell if I like it. On the one hand, I now no longer have to explain, “no, I still can’t drink—yeah I’m still feeling the symptoms of my concussion—yeah it has been about 10 months now.” On the other hand, the fact that they have stopped asking also suggests that they, like me, see no time in the near future when I might be fully recovered.

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Talk of the Quad

Growing up mixed

Every now and then someone will ask me where I am from and I’ll tell them that I’m from Baltimore. One of two reactions follow. Either my questioner will hesitantly accept the answer and walk away or they’ll try again.

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Tapped Out

An immense amount of fate, and beer, bring us down to earth

21st Amendment Brewery’s Down To Earth is true to its description as a smashable beer. An IPA will never go down like a watery American lager, granted, but this brew can go the distance. It’s refreshing, it’s delicious and it’s not too complex to enjoy multiple cans. Even before you open this beer up, the art—a strangely-happy-spacesuit-clad monkey chilling in a hammock by the ocean—is worth a brief marvel. And once it’s cracked, it only gets better.

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Socioeconomic Class

What money means

An in-depth look into the dynamics of class and wealth among Bowdoin's student body, especially exploring the perspectives of the wealthy majority on campus. Confronting class differences throughout a diverse student body can be uncomfortable and difficult to navigate; this article asks students to face this discomfort and talk about their experiences anew.

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Hot take, cold dish: tofu at Bowdoin

From Honolulu tofu to tofu stir fry to the small cubes available at the salad bars, the tofu in the dining halls is ever present. Produced by Heiwa Soy Beanery, the tofu has been a staple of Bowdoin Dining Service’s repertoire for two years.

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