Rumors tend to fly around the last week of April every year: why do we call it Ivies? The real reason is probably that it is the weekend when they traditionally planted the ivy on the dorms (though not much grows in Maine in April?it might make more sense for planting season to be in mid-July), but the stories run the gamut. One of the myths is that Ivies Weekend commemorates when Bowdoin rejected becoming part of the Ivy League, or on the other hand, when the Ivy League rejected Bowdoin. Whatever the truth is, students milling around campus this weekend don't really care?for them, Ivies is a much-needed and crazy last hurrah before finals and graduation.

This year is no different. Although the Campus Activities Board has changed the structure of the traditional Bear AIDS concert, as Anne Riley '08 reported in the Orient on April 8, the music still promises a great party. Because funds have shifted, the festival will now feature DJ Daryl McLean '07, Bowdoin's own The List Exists, Phantom Buffalo (formerly the Ponys) from Portland, and The Awesome, an 80s cover band from Portland.

McLean has often deejayed in the Pub, making dances all the more popular. The List Exists, a runner-up in last year's Battle of the Bands, is made up of Bowdoin students Matt Lajoie '05 and Mirza Ramic '05, Max Lewis, Max Heinz, and Bowdoin alumnus Chris Lajoie '04. The band just released a self-titled EP, a follow-up to the Barcelona EP from January 2004. Their experimental, electronic and Radiohead-type sound netted them the award for "Best Demo of 2004" by American Brothers.

Phantom Buffalo changed its name after signing with Rough Trade, a British record company, but it held onto the sound that made them a Portland live favorite. In a review of Phantom Buffalo's latest album, SoundsXP said, "Remember the first time you heard the Shins? This gives me the same electric buzz." So it kind of recalls that scene in Garden State with Natalie Portman and her headphones, but oh well. The Awesome, also based in Portland, play exclusively 80s covers, including songs by David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, and other 80s glam-rock favorites.

The festival on Saturday, which will be held on the Quad if the campus dries out and in Smith Union if it doesn't, isn't the only music or festivities available to students this weekend. Racer X made another Bowdoin appearance in the Pub on Thursday night, featuring Professor Aaron Kitch from the English Department and Professor Vin Shende from the Music Department. Also in the Pub, Friday night at 10:00 p.m. is the release party for a new album by Alkhaaliq Bashir '05, Shawn Stewart '08, and Jared Ware '05. After the music on Saturday, there is also a belly dancing show in Kresge at 7:00 p.m. And for those with more classical tastes, the Bowdoin Chorus will perform Handel's Oratorio: Israel in Egypt at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday in Pickard.

If that isn't enough, I hope to see you all at the dining hall barbecues and at Harpswell, Brunswick, or Pinestock, Friday and Saturday night. And let me know if you figure out the name.