How and when did you form Bad Karma?
Emily Hochman: It was pretty spontaneous. It was born of our souls. We had been friends for awhile.
Kelsey Berger: We are all intimately related to music in some form.  Two of us are music minors.

Bad Karma is certainly an attention-getting name. What does it represent?
Kathryn Lin: The name Bad Karma comes from a middle school band I was part of and we played really cool covers like Nirvana and White Stripes. We adopted the name as our own for our radio station. It’s pretty funny.
EH: It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Definitely not.
KB: I would say the extent to which it influences our repertoire is mild.
Do the three of you have the same taste in music? 
KL: No, but we understand each others tastes.
EH: I have this campaign to play Pink Matter by Frank Ocean every radio show.
KB: But that’s not a whole radio show!
Have your tastes evolved because of Bad Karma?
KL: I think we usually appreciate each others’ tastes.
KB: I have definitely heard things and thought that they were really cool, when I wouldn’t have thought to play them. I go home and add it to my Spotify favorites.
How do you incorporate aspects of your personalities into the show?
KB: I would say the show reflects our moods more than our personalities. If I have a [tough week] I listen to something grungy, and if I feel upbeat I listen to something very “woo.” We’ll be in pretty different moods so we’ll be listening to one song up in terms of tempo and energy and then something quieter with string music.
KL: I would say we listen to too wide of a range of genres to really have it relate to my personality. The genres I like are definitely a reflection of my specific personality.
What do you want your listeners to experience during the show?
KB: I kind of feel like we are DJing our own party and you can come to the party. I think it’s about balancing the songs I really want to hear right now and songs other people can enjoy.
If you could only listen to one song on loop, what would it be?
KB: “Sprawl II: Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Arcade Fire.
EH:  I do listen to space sounds on occasion. NASA transferred space recordings into sounds we can hear. It’s good to study to.
KL: “Clarity” by Zedd.
What have been your favorite music experiences at Bowdoin?
EH: We loved Wavves. I loved Unplugged. The a cappella ensembles are always really good.
KB: I liked the Bowdoin Open Mic Night. We’re big fans of the student music scene.
Since you are all seniors, what are your final goals for Bad Karma this year?
EH: I think the show will end when we leave. It can live on in spirit.
KL: I don’t think anyone could emulate our collective tastes.
If you could join one band, which one would you choose?
KL: The Smashing Pumpkins.
KB: Dirty Projectors.
EH: My cousin has a band and I always wanted to be in it.
What else do you do on campus?
KL: Gospel choir, Bowdoin Chamber Choir, ASA [Asian Students Association].
EH: College Guild, the Bowdoin chapter of a non-profit.
KB: Bowdoin Chamber Choir, writing assistant, work in the [Hawthorne-Longfellow] Library.

Any final messages for your listeners?
KB: Call in! It makes the show more exciting.
EH: Join the party! Listen while you’re getting ready to go out. 

Tune in to “Bad Karma” with Berger, Hochman and Lin every Friday from 10 p.m. until 11 p.m. on WBOR 91.1 FM or stream the show online at