To the editors:

I’ve never seen myself as a political person. When I heard that our state is the very last one to still allow bear trapping, hounding and baiting, I felt a lot of embarrassment—this is not “the way life should be.”

These practices are unnecessary and cruel.  I’m speaking up to support a “Yes” vote on Question 1 and to tell my fellow Mainers how much I want to see cruelty banned and fair chase restored.

Last year, my friends and I began volunteering for this cause, gathering signatures for the ballot. It was a really energizing and rewarding experience!  Now that Question 1 is on the ballot, there’s even more to do to get ready for Election Day.  If you haven’t, I encourage you to visit and sign up to volunteer today. 
Please vote YES on Question 1.

Thank you,
Susan Baker-Kaplan