Before students arrived on campus this fall, Information Technology (IT) was hard at work making adjustments to the campus printing system. Up until this semester, students could easily print any items in the queues at public printers, even those that did not belong to them. The updated system requires students to enter their usernames and only allows them to print their own documents.

These changes represent significant improvements in terms of electronic security and privacy and were long overdue. The rollout of the new system was not flawless, however, and it has left many students frustrated, confused and inconvenienced. Certain printer kiosks display documents in the queue as random numbers, and the College failed effectively to inform students that they would have to provide their usernames when printing.

We understand that employees at IT have been working for several weeks to fix the glitches plaguing the new system, and we appreciate their efforts. We wish, how- ever, that the College had explained the new system and its problems to the student body. Awareness of the problems, at the very least, would have enabled students to budget more time for printing and thus avoid a frantic scramble before class.

This editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient’s editorial board, which is comprised of Garrett Casey, Ron Cervantes, Natalie Kass-Kaufman, Sam Miller, Leo Shaw, and Kate Witteman.