Experimenting with the Linux operating system and restoring a 1966 Vespa may be foreign concepts to some, but for Audiovisual/Computing Specialist Andrew Biedrzycki, this is business as usual.

Biedrzycki came to Bowdoin as an intern during his time at Southern Maine Community College to complete the curriculum for his computer technology major. He later applied to his current position in Information Technology (IT), which he has held for seven years.

“Audiovisual isn’t really where my strength was, but coming into the position you learn on your feet,” Biedrzycki said.

When he’s not working at Bowdoin, Biedrzycki enjoys tinkering with Linux, an operating system with an open source code that encourages a community to build around it.

 In addition to his technological pursuits, he’s restoring a 1966 Vespa with his brother and organizing a scooter rally for this summer.

“Currently two of my brothers, a friend, and I are planning the second annual Ski’s Shrimp Run. A bunch of scooters get together and we take a cruise up to Richmond and enjoy the day. My brother has always been into scooters and and motors, so my dad always joked about starting a scooter gang, and it evolved into this fun thing we did last year and are doing again this year,” he said.

Although they expected the event to be small, about 75 people showed up, including people from Nova Scotia and out of state.

Biedrzycki grew up in Topsham, and both he and his other family members still live there. He and his wife were married in Bowdoin’s Cram Alumni Barn and are currently expecting a child.
As part of his work for IT at Bowdoin, Biedrzycki works on classroom projection, AV technology, and preparing events with microphones and projection.

“Every day is a little bit different and a challenge. They keep us busy,” Biedrzycki said.
“Some days I’ll be setting up meetings talking about infrastructure, or I’ll be setting up microphones for President Mills for his ‘Life After Bowdoin’ talks. This Wednesday night I helped assist with the French flash mob in Thorne,” he said.

Some of his most memorable moments at Bowdoin are setting up for events. Through assisting in event setup and preparation, he’s seen and met people like Poet Laureate Richard Blanco and the creator of PostSecret Frank Warre.

Another enjoyable aspect of the job is getting to set up and staff events during Commencement and Reunion Weekend.

“During reunion there’s a lot of different events that take place, and they try to keep people busy all weekend long,” Biedrzycki said.

AV sets up everything from slideshows and old movies in the pub to Dance Dance Revolution for kids to organized dinners for the different classes—which often feature alumni speakers.

“It’s interesting because you get to see people come back and enjoy the place and be nostalgic for when they were here. You can hear some of their stories, and it’s a really great time,” he said.
Biedrzycki said he enjoys working at Bowdoin.

“Bowdoin’s always been a thing. Growing up, you know it’s there but don’t really go there. Once I started working here and seeing how beautiful the campus is, I’ve seen how it’s a really great place to work,” Biedrzycki said. “Everyday is different. I couldn’t imagine going to an office and doing paperwork all the time. There’s so much here to keep you interested.”