This weekend the student body will elect next year’s Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) president, the person responsible for setting BSG’s agenda and implementing changes—large or small—that improve the lives of students. The Orient believes that David Levine ’16 is best 
suited for the job.

In his two years here, Levine has demonstrated his capability and competence through the leadership positions he has held with BSG. As an at-large representative last year, he helped organize a protest urging the faculty to adopt a week-long Thanksgiving break, a campaign that
we hope he continues to pursue. Levine has served on three College committees and is the current vice president for facilities. He is familiar with the obstacles BSG often faces and has established relationships with members of the faculty and administration that we believe will enable him to confront bureaucratic deadlock.

The other candidate for BSG president, Christopher Breen ’15—currently vice president of the 2015 Class Council and former vice president for Student Government Affairs—grasps the challenges and limitations of the job, but has not contributed to as many actionable initiatives
as Levine has in the same amount of time.

An underclassman has not served as BSG president since 2006, but we do not think that Levine’s class year is a disadvantage. In fact, pursuing ambitious goals like postponing Credit/D/Fail deadlines and extending Thanksgiving break requires effective long-term cooperation with the
faculty and administration. With the graduation of senior BSG leaders, there is an annual loss of institutional knowledge that inhibits BSG’s ability to effect change and speaks to a larger problem: the fact that there is not a large enough field of candidates with sufficient experience. At least two incoming members of the Executive Board will be rising seniors with no prior history on BSG.

In this weekend’s elections, four out of seven positions for the BSG Executive Committee will be uncontested. This has become a recurring issue for BSG leadership elections; two positions went uncontested last year and four the year before. Consistently uninspiring races suggest that we lack interest and faith in student government. We should be more invested in the organization whose mission it is to work on our behalf. Not only does competition between candidates demand more
passion from those running, but it engenders more interest and enthusiasm for BSG among the student body.

There are countless students with leadership experience on class councils or in student organizations that chose not to run in these elections. BSG cannot be an effective institution until there are competent and experienced candidates running for each Executive Committee position.

The editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient's editorial board, which is comprised of Erica Berry, Nora Biette-Timmons, Garrett Casey, Ron Cervantes, Marisa McGarry, Sam Miller and Kate Witteman.