Information Technology (IT) and Cisco completed an update of over 500 wireless access points and two controllers Thursday night in response to recent wireless issues, IT announced in an email to students Friday afternoon.

According to Chief Information Officer for IT services Mitch Davis, Bowdoin has been aware of various power related issues and inconsistences over the past few weeks and has been in conversation with Cisco regarding the problems.

"We were providing Cisco with logs of our equipment because they didn't know about it,” said Davis. “They’ve recently begun to see the inconsistencies and the problems and came to us with a new patch that was supposed to fix it." 

Cisco estimated that the update, completed Thursday night, would take about ten minutes; however, according to Davis, it took closer to an hour.

“They didn't consider that there would be 2000 people using the network when we tried to do the update, so that slowed it down,” he said.

Davis said that he hopes students are proactive and report dead spots on campus to IT.

“It looks like the power problem is solved,” he said, “but I’m not convinced the whole problem is solved.”

Students can report wireless issues online through the Information Technology Advisory Council website, according to the campus email.