What is the best song to make out to?

SM: Well to be honest I like making out to just about any song. But if I had to pick, I'd say for a slow make out session Autolux is a good choice, and then maybe some Strokes to get the blood pumping.

JG: It obviously depends on the mood. If the making out is innocent and sweet, then I like listening to something light, like Belle and Sebastian or Air. Air is a good one. But I mean, if the making out is like... you know... going somewhere... then maybe listen to something a little louder.

What is your guilty listening pleasure?

SM: What isn't? I guess I'd have to say Zwan. That one album that Billy Corgan pumped out post-Smashing Pumpkins is chock full of pop hooks I never thought that creepy man would come up with.

JG: Oh God, where do I even begin...my most embarrassing is probably Mariah Carey's old stuff...I mean, it's amazing...

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

SM: Ace of Base at the Seventeen magazine Party in 1996. No, I'm kidding...kinda. I saw the Libertines (minus Pete) and the Bravery play in a warehouse in Chelsea last summer, that was pretty sweet.

JG: I saw both Radiohead and Elliott Smith a couple summers ago at this festival and it was actually the most amazing thing ever. Elliott Smith was a little out of it, I don't think he was doing too well... but regardless, it was incredible.

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