The DFP, named after lyriscist and main singer David Franco Phipps ’14, formed in February of last year. Other members include drummer Andrew Roseman ’14, composer/guitarist Sam Roberts ’14 and keyboardist Tom Keefe ’14. Senior Ruxton Dellecese manages the group.

How did you guys get started?
Keefe: At Build-A-Band Workshop at Quinby, it was the Bowdoin Music Collective (BMC) event. [Keefe and Roberts are co-presidents of the BMC.] 
Roberts: The band actually started with David, Tom, myself and Nate Joseph ’13 who lived in Quinby and who graduated last spring. Nate was the original drummer. After Nate graduated, Roseman joined the group after seeing them perform at Quadzilla and becoming excited to play with them. 
Roseman: I saw them perform, and immediately was like...I want to play with these guys.
Roberts: Ruxton [also known as RJ] is a founding member.
Dellecese: [Being manager] was originally a joke position because I didn’t play an instrument, but I was good friends with all the members. The only thing I did for them last year was getting them access to practice rooms. 
This year, I’ve been looking to help out a little more with logistics. I communicated with Mac before and after the show about logistics. I also get them paid and get them new suits. I’m just excited to see them all succeed.

 Where do you all draw your inspiration?
Roseman: [Our music comes from] the collective life and experience that is representative of all of us.
Roberts: We just try to optimize the life and times of The DFP. That’s really what it’s about. [David Phipps] is a guy known across campus as someone who rages harder than anyone at the social houses and racks up story after story. He wreaks havoc and that’s what we try to do on stage.
Phipps: There are elements of truth in every song that represent all of the members of The DFP. 

How do you interact with the Bowdoin community?
Keefe: We serve as the link between them and what the energy of the party is.

What was it like performing at MacMillan House for the Cold War party?
Roberts: Tom, David and I did all live in Quinby, so performing at Mac was a loyal departure for us. Based on the amount of people, energy from the crowd, and the length of our set, I would say it was our most successful show to date. There was even real crowd surfing!
Dellecese: One of the former Mac House members said it was the best time they have had at a social house party since they lived in Mac, which was two years ago. The band got a lot of compliments!

Any upcoming events?
Roseman: The DFP will be one of the many bands being featured on the Bowdoin Compilation.