In March of 2005, a string of drunken physical confrontations in the vicinity of a villain-themed Ladd House party resulted in streaks of blood on a wall, smashed windows and the hospitalizations of multiple injured students. That Saturday night stands out as an anomaly at Bowdoin, where the consequences of excessive drinking often tend to be more embarrassing than violent.

This semester, we are off to a good start. For the first time in several years, you’ll find no reports of alcohol-related transports in our first Security report. To put that in perspective, 11 Colby students have already been hospitalized for high blood alcohol content since the start of the year; seven of them were first years.

The first weekend of campus-wide College House parties is upon us. Whether you’ve never had a sip of alcohol or you’ve  been going hard on Saturday nights for years, remember that this is an early Bowdoin weekend. You do not need to come out with your bacchanalian guns blazing. No one will turn you away from Quinby or Ladd if you aren’t sufficiently intoxicated.

Know that the Brunswick Police Department (BPD) is on the lookout. The events of this past weekend hint at BPD’s increased vigilance regarding alcohol-related violations. Walking around in public with open containers is one of the easiest ways to draw their attention. At any campus-wide party, there will be recycling cans by the door for empty cups. Use them. If you do happen to have interactions with BPD or Bowdoin Security, be courteous and respectful. In some instances, it can be the difference between a simple warning and lasting consequences.

On a darker note, across the Northeast, four young people died and others were hospitalized over the last few weeks after a string of overdoses thought to be linked to a contaminated batch of “molly”—the pure form of MDMA that is growing in popularity among our age group for its cheap price and euphoric high. In the drug-use survey conducted last spring by the Orient, 9 percent of respondents admitted to using molly at least once on campus. This number is enough to warrant concern of the danger the drug could pose to Bowdoin students, especially given our proximity to Boston and New York—the sites of the recent drug-induced fatalities.

Enjoy the weekend and celebrate getting through your first full week of classes. But at Saturday’s Epicuria at Ladd, keep an eye on your friends, keep a tally of your drinks, and keep the blood off the walls.

The editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient’s editorial board, which is comprised of Claire Aasen, Erica Berry, Nora Biette-Timmons, Marisa McGarry, Eliza Novick-Smith, Sam Miller and Sam Weyrauch.