Tomorrow at 10 p.m., Bowdoin students will have the chance to dress up in their nicest clothes and attend the annual Spring Gala, which will be themed in the style of “Old Bowdoin.”

Organized by Bowdoin Student Government (BSG), the gala will feature a live DJ, free food and a photo booth, as well as a bar that will serve beer and wine to students over the age of 21. 

“Students don’t really have many chances to get dressed up and feel like they’re going to an event that maybe is a little more formal,” said  recently-inaugurated BSG President Sarah Nelson, who serves on the committee that plans the gala. “People look forward to this, and it’s a great way to finish up spring semester before we head into reading period and finals.”

After last year’s Gala had no theme, the Old Bowdoin theme aims to give the event a more formal flair, building off Winter Weekend’s old-time feel. Photographs from old yearbooks and documents from Bowdoin’s history will adorn the walls.

Unlike many events on campus, Nelson said, because the Gala is one “of the few events that aren’t limited to a group of people, it’s really about Bowdoin and it’s about all of us.” 

While there are subtle differences in the entertainment portion of the event, most notably the lack of the string quartet that performed last year, the return of DJ GG—a local artist discovered last year by a member of the Gala committee—will ensure a great night of music.

The planning process starts early in spring with weekly meetings run by BSG Programming Chair Bernie Clevens ’15. A member of each class council is appointed to the committee, which is overseen by Student Activities’ Silvia Serban.

“She is a godsend, and handles all the logistical work and contacts for the gala,” Nelson said.
Unlike the efficient planning process this year, the BSG and Student Activities ran into trouble last year coordinating the planning of the Gala. Nelson said she is confident that the current setup will ensure future success.