Last Friday evening, Residential Life, the Student Museum Advisory Committe and Student Activities sponsored Student Night at the Bowdoin Museum of Art. 

The event was an opportunity for students to access the museum after hours to celebrate the recent opening of the the exhibit, “Per Kirkeby, Paintings and Sculpture.” It also featured performances by Bellamafia and the Longfellows. 

The well-attended event attracted students who were interested not only in the art, but who also wanted to have the opportunity to participate in a classier affair.

“It’s always really fun to see people get dressed up and I think we don’t really take advantage of having the museum in general,” said Elizabeth Strayer ’15. “It’s a really good opportunity for people who want to come see their peers and the art.” 

Many students seemed to share Strayer’s opinion.

“As a student, I find the opportunity to come to an event like this useful just to see how other people are reacting to the event,” said Robo Tavel ’16. “I am here not just for the art, but more for the atmosphere.” 

The exhibit itself has received favorable student reviews, particularly from those interested in contemporary art. 

“Its exciting to have different and more modern art brought to the museum because that’s something we don’t have that much of on a regular basis,” said Madeline Livingston ’16. 

The event succeeded in its mission of attracting students who might not have otherwise wandered into the museum.

“I probably wouldn’t see the exhibit if it wasn’t for this event,” said Jared Littlejohn ’15. 

“It’s good that this event is happening because it is attracting a very sophisticated and want-to-be sophisticated crowd,” he added. 

“It’s really cool when they have events that reach out to students specifically,” said Erica Hummel ’16. “It’s a really great resources that we have on campus and we are privileged to have it.”