One of the student body’s most important collective decisions will be made this weekend as the votes are tallied in the election for the 2013-14 Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) Executive Committee. Sarah Nelson has our vote for president of next year’s assembly.

Nelson’s diversity of experience, established relationships with members of the administration, and realistic outlook make her a strong choice to broaden BSG’s impact. Her work for Residential Life and Student Activities has proven her ability to collaborate with a wide variety of groups on campus, and she demonstrated her natural talent for organization on a campus-wide level when she co-chaired Winter Weekend in February. As a former class treasurer and community outreach officer, Nelson understands fiscal responsibility and the importance of Bowdoin’s relationship with the Brunswick community.

Clear, feasible goals make up the bulk of Nelson’s campaign platform. She stresses improving communication through the development of a unified Bowdoin app, facilitating student leadership outside of existing organizations, and fostering open dialogue with administrators. She has already begun to work toward creating a $10,000 “Good Ideas” fund to provide financial resources for students outside of clubs. A Nelson presidency would improve cohesion across all class years to work toward larger goals, such as revising the College House application process.

Nelson’s challenger Neli Vazquez also has a strong platform, but many of her goals look to reanimate projects that are either already in place or that are infeasible. Vazquez has actively worked to improve the Bowdoin community over her three years at the College, and we hope she will continue to do so on the senior class council next year.

This editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient’s editorial board, which is composed of Garrett Casey, Linda Kinstler, Sam Miller, Sam Weyrauch and Kate Witteman.