A burglar stole thousands of dollars worth of property from 83 ½ Harpswell Road—colloquially referred to as Crack House—while its residents played lacrosse games at Middlebury and Williams last weekend.

Chelsea Fernandez-Gold ’13 discovered the theft when she went to the house to drop off something for her boyfriend, Max Rosner ’13.

“She walked in and the house was kind of disheveled and things were all over the place and she noticed that the TV was missing,” said Connor Handy ’13, a Crack House resident.

Handy said Fernandez-Gold called Rosner to ask if any of the house’s residents had moved the TV. He said no one had, so she looked around the rest of the house.

“All of our bedroom doors that had been padlocked were kicked down, and one of my roommates had a 40-something-inch flat screen that was gone,” said Handy.

Handy said that in addition to the two TVs, a 24-inch iMac computer, a Canon Rebel SLR camera, and three sports jerseys had disappeared. The jerseys bore the names Carlos Boozer, Christian Laettner and Corey Dillon. He estimated that the total cost of the stolen property was over $5,000.

The house’s residents filed a report with the Brunswick Police Department (BPD), who sent over a detective. They reported the serial numbers of the missing items, so that if the burglar attempts to pawn them, they will be flagged as stolen.

Handy said he does not suspect that Bowdoin students were involved in the burglary.

“Our next best guess is someone that lives in the area that keeps watch on our house or knows we play lacrosse,” he said.

The presence of countless cigarette butts suggested to Crack Houses’ residents that Bowdoin students were not involved, according to Handy.

“There’s a not huge percentage of the Bowdoin community that smokes regularly, and probably not while they’re robbing a house,” said Handy.

A few decorations were stolen from Crack House just before Thanksgiving, and have not been recovered.

Chief Deputy Marc Hagan of the BPD said there has not been a recent increase in crime in the area, but could not comment further on the case, which is still under investigation.

 Anyone who saw suspicious persons around Crack House between March 29 and 31 should contact BPD and request to speak with Detectives Cutlife or Moir.