Campus is changing. Projects are underway at the the Naval Air Station Brunswick, the Stevens Retirement Home, the former Longfellow School, and beyond as part of the College’s beautification plan. As Bowdoin takes on these initiatives, it should keep in mind the importance of maintaining a cohesive campus.

The College purchased Stevens Retirement Home on Harpswell Road in November, with the intent to convert it into a dorm as soon as next year. This acquisition will alleviate the housing crunch of the past few years, though it does not seem wise to make repeated reactionary purchases to solve this problem.

Bowdoin should act sustainably in its execution of the many development projects currently on the docket. One of the things that makes our school so unique is the bounded feeling of our campus, which can easily be traversed in 10 minutes. Development that sprawls far beyond the Quad may threaten the close-knit environment we currently enjoy, and will increase our energy demands.

The renovation of the former Longfellow Elementary School is an excellent example of a smart addition to campus, given its location adjacent to multiple dorms and Thorne Dining Hall. We should take heed of the small acquisitions and improvements the College is making now, because they will add up to long-term changes that none of us will be around to witness.

The editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient’s editorial board, which is composed of Nora Biette-Timmons, Garrett Casey, Linda Kinstler, Sam Miller, Sam Weyrauch and Kate Witteman.