When Sam Silverman ’14 was a freshman, he and his friends would always think about how great it would be to have food other than Domino’s or Papa John’s delivered to their doorsteps. 

Silverman is making his wish a reality. With his new business—Bowdoin Food Delivery. 

The service brings food from Jack Magee’s Pub, Campus Food Truck or the C-store to students anywhere on campus. Operating hours are Sunday to Thursday 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., and Friday and Saturday 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. 

Customers can call Silverman for orders, including pub food. He will then place the order himself and pay with his one card, pick it up and deliver it to wherever you are. He accepts cash, credit or debit card, and charges a two-dollar delivery fee. 

He started his service three weeks ago, delivering food mostly to his friends and people who live around him in Brunswick Apartments. 

“Right now I am getting four to five orders a night,” Silverman said.

Since then he has been actively promoting the food delivery service—printing informational flyers about his business, and setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts—trying to get the attention of the entire student body.

According to Director of Operations, Dining Services Michele Gaillard, Silverman has discussed his business plan with Manager of Dining Retail Operations Adeena Fisher, and Director of Student Activities Allen Delong, to ensure that his business would not interfere with the pub’s business processes. 

“They were concerned about me handling student ID numbers and getting food there on time and still keeping it hot,” Silverman said. “But once I addressed all the concerns they were O.K. with the idea.” 
He has purchased a pizza bag to maintain food temperature, and has been borrowing his friends’ cars to ensure he can deliver food on time. 

Both Gaillard and Silverman emphasize that the business is independent of Bowdoin Dining Service, and students should not call the Pub, C-store or Campus Food Truck for concerns or requirements regarding their orders with Silverman. 

“Sam’s business is not affiliated with Bowdoin Dining Service in any way,” Gaillard said in an email to the Orient. “We will treat him like any other customer.” 

Silverman said he is ready to give up his weekend nights.

“I’ll have to sacrifice my social life for the next weeks,” Silverman said. “I am very committed to making this work.” 

Eventually, he hopes to expand his delivery service to the greater Brunswick area.

“I’m just excited to see how the Bowdoin community reacts to it,” Silverman said.