The Supreme Court began hearing arguments for and against affirmative action today. The court is expected to issue a ruling in early 2013. Bowdoin, along with 36 other schools, signed onto a brief in support of the University of Texas that defends the right of colleges and universities to take race and ethnicity into account in admissions. Yesterday, Dean of Admissions Scott Meiklejohn told MPBN, "At Bowdoin we have spent almost no time, certainly as an admissions staff, talking about what we would do if things were to change."

Friends and family of Troy Pappas have created a memorial website in memory of the Bates College freshman, who died on October 5 at Central Maine Medical Center following serious injuries from a fall down a stairwell in his dorm. Those who knew Pappas are invited to post messages remembering him, and can contribute to a memorial fund in his honor. 

Wesleyan University announced that it will abandon its need-blind admissions policy. At a forum with students in September, Wesleyan President Michael Roth said of the change, "“If I did say that this is a policy that’s good for underrepresented groups—it’s not. That’s overselling. It’s not a policy that I like. I think it’s the least-bad policy.” (Footage, via Wesleying)

The Judicial Board's 2011-2012 annual report, released on Friday, records five cases of academic dishonesty—including one instance of self-plagiarism—and six violations of the social code. 

A new online feature from the Chronicle of Higher Education shows how Bowdoin views itself in relation to colleges. Bowdoin selected 98 colleges as peer schools, though only 31 of those schools also chose Bowdoin as a peer school. In total, 40 colleges nationwide listed Bowdoin as a peer.