Senior Melody Hahm has been elected President of the Class of 2013 Class Council, and first year Robo Tavel has been elected President of the Class of 2016 Class Council. The results were released to the Orient in an email earlier this evening.

The senior class positions were lightly contested, with two uncontested races and only two candidates not elected. In contrast, but in keeping with historical precedent, the first-year election was highly contested. Tavel was elected with less than 27 percent of the vote in the six-way race for President. Fewer seniors than first years voted, too; 26 percent more votes were cast in the first-year election.

Now that the campaign process is over, the elected officials must begin the process of governing, with the first BSG meeting scheduled for early October.

Hahm plans outreach to both alumni and first years.

“Considering that we have a great alumni network at our fingertips and that seniors are anxious about finding jobs, I’d like to facilitate more social networking events,” said Hahm.

However, she also emphasized building ties within the College community. 

“As the oldest, we may have lost sight of getting to know new people. I’d like to organize events such as mixers with freshman dorms to make sure that we stay connected,” Hahm said.

“I had fun campaigning and meeting members of our class,” said newly elected BSG Representative Andrew Millar ’16.  “I’m excited to represent the student body and get some fresh ideas brought in front of the assembly.”

2013 Class Council (238 votes cast)

President: Melody Hahm (167)
Tyler Silver (67)

Vice President: Casey Grindon (204)

Treasurer: Andrea Koenigsberg (201)

BSG Representatives: Peggy Zhao (121) and Madison Whitley (142)
Helen White: 102

2016 Class Council (300 votes cast)

President: Robo Tavel (80)
Evan Eklund (78)
Deion Desir (56)
Chase Savage (35)
Rachel Snyder (26)
Anhar Farag (23)

Vice President: David Sperber (102)
Clare DeSantis (96)
Ashley Bomboka (93)

Treasurer: Danny Mejia-Cruz (122)
Tom Rosenblatt (116)
Chris Carr (55)

BSG Representatives: Andrew Millar (114) and Michael Colbert (106)
Chase Hodge-Brokenburr (84)
Alexander Thomas (75)
Dillon Sandhu (72)
Adrian Moreno (48)