To the Editors:

In light of the unfortunate events of Saturday night, we, the leaders of the rugby team, sincerely apologize and take full responsibility for what happened to our two teammates and regret what happened to the two other students who were transported. The rugby team strives to create an inclusive and fun social environment and it was never our intention to put Bowdoin students at risk. However, we are incensed and embarrassed that Dean Foster’s campus-wide email labeled our entire team as hazers who intended to humiliate our recruits and implied that we were responsible for the two additional transports.

 “In a learning community such as ours, we value lasting relationships grounded in mutual respect, not artificial connections created through shared humiliation,” the email stated, quoting the College’s hazing policy. Dean Foster’s use of this quote is particularly damning and evidence of a clear disconnect between the students that make up the team and the deans. 

We are a team that values long lasting relationships grounded in mutual respect derived from our commitment on the field and shared social experiences. In competitive play, putting your body on the line for the success of a team is a commendable action that we value greatly. We are upset by the possibility that the Bowdoin community might look upon the men that play for the Bowdoin rugby team as something that we are not. 

We are a group of students who contribute positively to the community both individually and as a team; we are leaders of the Outing Club, members of ResLife and IHC and facilitators of BMASV, to give a few examples. We sincerely hope that the Bowdoin community will consider the content of Dean Foster’s letter with the character of the individuals that make the rugby team in mind.


Phil Cuddeback ’13
Robbie Deveny ’13
Matthew Marr ’13