When 200 women respond to questions about their memories and experiences with sexuality, there are some pretty interesting answers. They talk about everything from bad gynecologist experiences to violence against women to orgasms and everything in between. Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues retells their stories in an honest, witty and unique light, and Bowdoin's own V-Day organization will be performing the monologues this weekend.

Gwenn Hollingworth '06, who directed this year's production with Desneige Hallbert '05 and Jess Koski '05, summed up the Monologues as "a mixing of humor and voices. Somehow it all adds up to this wonderful song sung by women about the hurdles we find in front of us." The different personality that each woman brings to the show highlights the "everywoman" aspect of the monologues. Each woman has something to say in this show, and each says it with her own style.

Cast member Jenna O'Brien '06 also mentioned "the diversity among the cast and the way each monologue is influenced by the reader" as her favorite part of the show. Though the Monologues have come to Bowdoin in past years, the show changes because of the different women involved. In regards to this year's production, Hollingworth said, "I enjoy all the monologues and am always struck by how different they are from year to year. Our cast is completely new, so new voices, faces, and ideas?there has been a lot of change." Also, Hollingworth said that they added a monologue for this year dealing with being transgendered.

Not only is the show entertaining and humorous, it deals with a much larger issue: violence against women. "Once the silence surrounding sexual violence is broken, the healing can begin," Hollingworth said. "I wanted to be a part of a group of women that was not afraid to talk and express themselves while also raising awareness about an issue that is kept under wraps."

Some of those involved in the monologues are also involved in Safe Space, Bowdoin's organization for survivors of sexual violence, and SASSMM (Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine).

"Some people are not willing to open up to the subject of violence against women, and I believe those are the people that need to see the show the most. The Monologues are familiar stories to some and eye openers to others," O'Brien said.

For an eye-opening look at the world of women and the V-Day organization, stop by Kresge at 7:00 p.m. tonight or tomorrow. As Hollingworth said, it will be a "piece that celebrates women," and is guaranteed to get the campus talking.