There was a notable absence in the line-up of bands during last year's Senior Week. Racer X, fronted by Bowdoin professors Vineet Shende and Aaron Kitch, was replaced by DJ Sex Ray Vision, leaving many students disappointed.

Although the controversial change led to whisperings of money disputes and miscommunication amongst students, Shende attributes the band’s absence to simple miscommunication with a Senior Week coordinator.

"It wasn’t like we were holding out for a pay day or something like that," Shende said.

Nonetheless, die-hard Racer X fans may not be getting their fix anytime soon. With both Professor Shende and Professor Kitch on sabbatical for the 2012-2013 school year, the band won’t be able to play their usual Bowdoin gigs this year. 

In response to students asking if Racer X has considered temporarily replacing missing members in order to continue playing shows, Shende said: “We were thinking about that and trying to figure out if we could do that for a couple of gigs here and there, but I think it would be a little weird.” 

The group will, however, be making one exception; Kitch plans on flying back from California to play at the annual benefit for former student Taryn King ‘07, who died while studying abroad in January 2006. The event, which Racer X has performed at before, will be held on November 10 in Boston.

Even though Racer X will not grace campus this year, Bowdoin students should rest assured that once Kitch and Shende return, all will go back to normal.

“If we still fit into the leather pants,” said Shende, “we’ll be playing again next year.”