To the Editors,

On Wednesday April 11, Professor McCalla convinced me that the James Carter Organ Trio's performance would not disappoint. It didn't. It was likely the best jazz concert I have ever attended: a fitting finale to Professor McCalla's 27 years at Bowdoin.

The following Thursday night, I thought I would catch only a snippet of Battle of the Bands and return to the library, but I was so impressed that I spent the rest of my night in Smith Union. While brunching Saturday, I searched through the April 13 issue of the Orient hoping to find out what time artist-in-residence George Lopez would perform the premiere of Professor Shende's piano sonata.

I was surprised to see no mention of the premiere nor Lopez's two-day piano festival 'Klavierfest.' I was truly disappointed, however, when I saw that the Orient had failed to cover any of the aforementioned performances.

I have had the delight of spending my time at Bowdoin surrounded by music. Not only have I seen outstanding jazz and classical concerts, I have had the privilege of being a small part of the burgeoning music scene on campus. While I appreciate the Orient's album reviews, I am unclear on their purpose.

Our paper should focus more on what happens here, perhaps interviewing student musicians and bands, reviewing concerts, or profiling Professor Shende, a composer on faculty and the bare-chested singer/guitarist of Racer X.

Bowdoin graciously hosts exceptional performers, and, not far below the surface, our campus is rife with an artistic effervescence of its own.

Hopefully, if the Orient can better serve our community by elucidating its creative vitality, Bowdoin's musical 'sub-culture' may no longer require the prefix.


Henry Hoagland '12