Sophomore Casey Correa took a relatively typical path to Bowdoin; her performance for the softball team has been anything but.

Like many softball players, Correa began playing in a local community league when she was six. She played throughout middle school, and was captain of her high school team for two years.

Correa brought her playing experience with her to Bowdoin, her first-choice school. In her second year, Correa has set herself apart with one school record, and is well on her way to a second.

Correa set her first mark in a game against Bates last year, hitting two home runs to tie the school record for most homers in a game.

She hit three home runs in three consecutive games against Trinity last weekend, bringing her season total to six—only two short of breaking the school record for most home runs in a season and tied for the most in the NESCAC this year.

Correa said her success at the plate came as a surprise, as she doesn't see herself as a power hitter.

"I didn't expect to hit home runs," she said. "I've been going up to the plate a little more relaxed, with a routine in mind and not focusing on trying to swing as hard as I can."

"Derek Jeter's kind of my idol," she added. "He's known for being consistent and getting on base—that's my philosophy, I'm not like an A-Rod. I guess it's working for me."

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