The next few weeks will present students with a number of difficult choices as they decide which dorm to aim for in the housing lottery and which courses to pick for the fall semester. When it comes to selecting a candidate for BSG president, however, the choice is much easier. Dani Chediak offers the depth and diversity of experience, the relationships with key players, as well as realistic ambitions that will make her a successful leader of the student body.

Chediak's three years of experience in an impressive array of positions lend her immense credibility as a candidate. Chediak has been an at-large representative to the SAFC, entertainment manager at Jack Magee's, vice president of student organizations, and president of Burnett House. She has also worked with the Student Web Advisory Team on designing the Orbit. In short, Chediak has had a hand in almost every aspect of campus life at Bowdoin, and can leverage her extensive résumé to best serve students as president of BSG.

Chediak's far-reaching knowledge of both student government and the College's administration have provided her with a host of well-informed ideas about how to make Bowdoin better. She has proposed giving students a way to predict waiting times for the Shuttle by creating an online queue, a feature that was originally suggested by a Shuttle driver. Chediak also advocates establishing regular LSAT, MCAT, and GRE test prep classes on campus, a project that has tentative administrative support.

Her background on the SOOC has led her to push for a policy that would enable students facing disciplinary action to receive advice from faculty members. In addition, Chediak has proposed a number of other sensible goals, including making it possible to swipe in twice for one meal in the dining halls, allowing guests to eat at Bowdoin more easily, and extending the add/drop course deadline until after the Credit/D/Fail deadline.

She has already consulted with administrators regarding the feasibility of her campaign promises, proving that she is committed to seeing them carried out. What makes Chediak's proposals outstanding is not that they are especially original or groundbreaking; rather, they are savvy, common-sense ideas that are undoubtedly achievable within a year.

John Izzo is a strong candidate and we have no doubt that he will make valuable contributions to the College in years to come. However, we doubt the feasibility of many of his plans, including solving Bowdoin's parking problem, an inordinately ambitious project. We also question the relevance of creating a double minor, an option that most American schools do not offer, as a double minor is largely irrelevant to employers. Nonetheless, Izzo has worked hard as president of the Class of 2015, and he is committed to Bowdoin community. We hope he makes another presidential bid when he has more experience.

Voting begins today and we hope students will carefully consider the candidates' backgrounds and platforms before they cast their ballots.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient's editorial board, which is comprised of Erica Berry, Nick Daniels, Carlo Davis, Sam Frizell, Linda Kinstler, and Zoë Lescaze.