Throughout its long history, Bowdoin has been no stranger to snow. But it can take something like last night's storm to make us stop and take notice.

After the power went out around campus at 8:30 p.m., students began to file out of the Hawthorne-Longfellow library. Before long, snow forts and snowmen appeared on the Quad. Snowball fights broke out at random. An igloo went up by Brunswick Apartments. And when the lights would not come on for JahPan's evening performance in Smith Union, the band felt their way through the music while students danced in the dark.

It is often during the most unexpected moments when the deepest memories are made. With everything around us covered in the same bright blanket of white and spaces as comforting and reliable as our own dorm rooms becoming unfamiliar, students can transform the most routine activities into spontaneous adventures.

While storms like yesterday's certainly bring their inconveniences, they also offer a break in the steady hum of study and social order. We were heartened to see so many out and about in the storm last night, taking full advantage of an evening of surprises and good, old-fashioned fun. May these be the memories we all cherish.