Forty-three students have applied for membership on next year's Judicial Board (J-Board), a number consistent with previous years.

Among those who applied, 22 applicants were first years, 18 students were sophomores, and three were members of the junior class. Last year, the J-Board received 44 applications, and selected five from that pool. Typically, the board accepts five or six new members annually. This year's J-Board has five graduating seniors, whose vacancies will be filled in the ongoing selection process.

"We look for originality of thought and the applicant's thought process during the interview," said RJ Shea '12, chair of the J-Board. "We try and see how you go about solving the problem, but at the same time respecting earlier precedents and staying consistent in their decisions."

Shea advises applicants to be genuine throughout the process.

"Just be yourself," said Shea. "Don't try and mold yourself into what you think a board member should be."

According to Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Laura Lee, who serves as faculty adviser to the board, rising sophomores make up the bulk of the applicant pool and have been accepted more frequently as board members in the past few years.

"Typically a rising senior has an advantage, just because they are more well known in the Bowdoin community. No one type of student is looked for," said Lee. "We accept a broad range of personalities and strengths, though it's definitely not the job for everyone."

The 12 student members and four faculty members of the J-Board meets once a month, to check in. It convenes 12 to 15 times annually, for academic and social hearings, with academic cases occurring more frequently towards the end of each semester. This week, the J-Board is conducting individual interviews, and will move on to group interviews next week. Applicants will be notified of decisions the week of March 5.