Harry Matheson '14 has been integral to the men's ice hockey team all season, scoring in both Friday's win against Wesleyan and Saturday's victory against Trinity to secure a NESCAC quarterfinals home game on February 25.

"These wins are pretty big for us, especially coming off the loss to Amherst and the tie with Hamilton," he said. "We needed to bounce back."

"We needed the four points this weekend to keep us second in the league," he added.

Matheson leads the team with 12 goals scored, placing him sixth in the NESCAC.

"What makes Harry's game special is he has the ability to score timely goals, the big goals at the right moments," said Head Coach Terry Meagher. "He inspires our own team and deflates the opposing team."

In part, Matheson's skill comes simply from years of practice.

"I'm actually Canadian, so it's something I've been doing for many years," he said. "I started skating when I was three or four, and I have been playing hockey since then."

Like many Bowdoin athletes, ice hockey players use videos of their playing to help pinpoint problems and improve their games.

"We can look at them and see our shifts personally," said Matheson. "We can pick up on things that are turning into habits and turn them around."

For Matheson, a left-winger, cohesion and teamwork with his linemates Ollie Koo '14 and Colin Downey '14 is necessary for a successful game.

"I'm on a line with two guys I know really well, and things are starting to click, so just keeping that going is a major goal," said Matheson.

At five feet 10 inches, Matheson pinpointed his size as one of the most challenging aspects of playing hockey.

"Obviously in college hockey, you're playing with bigger guys, so that kind of works against me, but I try and use my speed when I can," said Matheson.

"He is a very solid, smart player. His hockey IQ—his knowledge of the game—is very strong," said Meagher.

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