This fall, 16 Bowdoin athletes and two coaches received a combined 34 end-of-season awards following successful seasons.


Men's cross country: Coby Horowitz '14 and Colin Ogilve '12.

Women's cross country: Olivia MacKenzie '13.

Men's soccer: Sean Bishop '12 and Ben Brewster '14.

Women's soccer: Ellery Gould '12.

Football: Joe Smith '12 and Pat Noone '12.

Volleyball: Kristin Hanczor '12 and Sophia Cornew '14.

Field hockey: Ella Curren '12, Katie Herter '12, Elizabeth Clegg '12, and Brooke Phinney '13.

Player of the Year

Hanczor: NESCAC Volleyball Co-Player of the Year.

Curren: NESCAC Field Hockey Defensive Player of the Year.

Gould: NESCAC Women's Soccer Co-Player of the Year.

All-New England

Men's cross country: Horowitz.

Women's cross country: MacKenzie and Madelena Rizzo '14.

Volleyball: Hanczor.

Field hockey: Curren, Herter, Clegg Phinney, and Cathleen Smith '13.


Horowitz, Hanczor, Curren, Herter, and Clegg.

Coaching Honors

Nicky Pearson, field hockey: NESCAC Coach of the Year.

Karen Corey, volleyball: NESCAC Coach of the Year and New England Coach of the Year.

-Compiled by Sam Weyrauch.