As part of Date Week, we want to give students the opportunity to anonymously post what they are looking for in a partner.

If any of these personal ads sound appealing to you, write your own personal response and email it to We will forward it to the person you chose and see if you get a match! Make sure to indicate which personal you are responding to. Happy Date Week!

1) Upperclassman girl seeking upperclassman boy who can keep up with her on and off the ski slopes.

2) Underclassmen girl looking for older and wiser guy who likes cooking, adventures and ice cream and has a great sense of humor. Jazz musicians, artists and sensitive athletes are especially encouraged.

3) Male looking for a male or female of any year to date. If female, I'd love to meet someone with whom I can talk and listen, dance and party, watch movies and play video games, and also chill together in the dorms on cold winter days.If male, I'd like to find a best friend who's funny, pretty physical, friendly, fun to be around and a party veteran. Looks and weight should be reasonable, though height is hardly an issue.

4) Male looking for female who likes the outdoors, liberals, and has good taste in books.I love dogs, and try to live my life like one—always energized and up for something new. I like traveling, a good cup of coffee, and Bowdoin.

5) We all poop, let's grab a drink! I am a lady, you are a man.

6) Lady seeks rugged hottie. Must enjoy tequila shots and night cheese. Beards encouraged.

7) A Personal Haiku:

Girl, brunette, thoughtful,

Smiling, romantic seeking

Boy, tall, dark, handsome

8) Hay guys n galz! Wanna date a reel liv mayor?!?! jk lol, jus on da webz! Im a layd back dood whos lookin 4 #luv! I use 2 cycle but mah bike got thiefed, so now I jus wear da jersey all teh time ;..( Annyweys, luv to check in witchu soon!! #alsonetworking

-Compiled by Georgia Nowers