The WBOR fall concert took a last-minute turn on Friday after the cancellation of its first professional act, Kreayshawn.

Earlier Friday evening, the singer tweeted, "As you know I have bronchitis and won't be able to perform for the beautiful young Bowdoin College peoples tonight #sorry."

Kreayshawn's friend and fellow member of White Girl Mob, V-Nasty, filled in on her behalf alongside San Francisco-based rapper Young Hawaii Slim. The news was disappointing to many who had been looking forward to the rapper's performance.

Sebastian Bamba, a counselor at the Department of Events and Summer Programs, said, "I've been learning her lyrics from the beginning, and then V-Nasty sang her song. V Nasty does not equate Kreayshawn."

Other members of the crowd were excited by V-Nasty's performance and the free T-shirts she threw out to the audience.

Donisha Thaxton '14 said that although she was "really disappointed," she still believed that "V-Nasty did a good job hyping the crowd up."

The crowd was informed that Kreayshawn might make up for her absence by returning to Bowdoin at a later date. WBOR Station Manager Will Pugh '12 said Bowdoin wanted to see her return for a show of her own before the end of the academic year.

"We cannot promise she will return, but we are trying our best to work out the details and secure the necessary production costs to make the concert a reality," Pugh said.

Despite Kreayshawn's cancellation, the event was well-received by attendees. Headliner Surfer Blood got the crowd raging, and lead singer John Paul Pitts' crowd surfing was one of the highlights of the night.

Emily Hochman '15 said that Surfer Blood "really good energy [and] the crowd fed off it."

Others, like William Page '13, enjoyed the event, but felt that Surfer Blood was "better to listen to than to dance to."

A number of those in attendance who enjoyed Surfer Blood alluded to the fact that the band did not refer to any of their songs by name.

Nonetheless, WBOR was pleased with how the event turned out, according to Pugh.

"The concert was a great success, and Surfer Blood and the NARPS really put on a great show," he said. "I believe everyone that was there for their sets can attest to how much fun the night was."