The Brunswick Variety Deli increased its security measures following its September 29 burglary.

During the early morning hours of that day, a burglar pried open the rear door of the deli, stealing change, cigarettes, and a safe containing $4,500.

"I put extra bolts on the doors and installed a security system," said Matt Williams, the deli's owner.

According to Williams, security cameras are too expensive an investment to make at the moment.

No arrests have been made, although the Brunswick Police Department (BPD) has identified several suspects.

According to Williams, the police now suspect that the burglary was not an isolated incident.

"They've done it to other stores, at least that's the suspicion. Maquoit Market has been broken into and so has Ship to Shore Store down in Harpswell, and they're taking the same stuff," he said. "They're stealing, if they can, the safe, cigarettes and alcohol."

Both the Ship to Shore Store and Maquoit Market break-ins occurred in late September.

Williams said he did not know much about the identities of the suspects except for the fact that they were all Brunswick locals.

The main evidence in the case are the fingerprints collected at the deli, although they could belong to Williams. The BPD sent the fingerprints to a lab in Augusta shortly after the break-in. It usually takes about a month for the results to come back.

Williams, who has been in contact with other concerned local business owners, said that everyone is taking similar steps to prevent further break-ins.

"I'd like to thank all the members of the community who came by to express how sorry they were. They've been extremely supportive," Williams said.