The Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) will propose a number of changes to club funding guidelines to Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) on November 1.

Though still unofficial, these new clauses have already taken effect.

These proposals include getting rid of expenditure requests such as off-campus dinner outings, being more cautious about funding clubs that are exclusive in any way, and streamlining guidelines for both general clubs and "specialized" sports groups.

"We largely hope to make the funding process easier, friendlier and more accessible to club leaders," wrote SAFC Chair Brian Kim '13 in an email to the Orient.

Kim notes that the "SAFC's focus is to take away those superfluous costs like these dinners, and increase emphasis on providing events or services to the student body (in part or in whole) that will actually improve and enrich student life."

The SAFC is also attempting to streamline its funding process and create a more efficient and clear system in order to effectively appropriate funds to clubs.

"We'd like to have one guidebook with a supplementary FAQ for things that don't really have a rule associated with them," said Kim. "We hope if nothing else this makes the process and our rationale more transparent."