People say that having too much of a good thing is a good problem to have. For the football team, a quarterback battle between sophomores Tommy Romero and Grant White has been encouraging to coaches and players alike.

Last year's starter R.J. Shea '12 is taking this season off, but he, Romero, and White all won football games for the team last year.

Head Coach Dave Caputi is constantly working to adapt the quarterbacks' evolving strengths to his team as a whole.

"They're both good at making quick decisions, they both have a pretty good grasp on what we want to do offensively and that gets better when they make a mistake or two," said Caputi.

Romero and White have watched countless hours of film to help them adjust, and after just one year with the program they have both shown the coaches that they have high football IQs.

According to Caputi, they have both looked strong in practices so far and have done well with their conditioning.

"Grant is probably a little bit better at scrambling on the run," said Caputi, "but we feel like Tommy can do the same thing."

"After a very even preseason, in the course of our two intrasquad scrimmages and our scrimmage against Tufts, Grant probably played a little better than Tommy," added Caputi.

In Bowdoin's preseason scrimmage against Tufts, White completed 6-of-9 passes while Romero went 4-of-11.

According to Caputi, that difference, interestingly, is comparable to the difference in throws per game between an NFL All-Pro quarterback and one who doesn't get his contract renewed.

White will start against Williams tomorrow, but it could very well be Romero a week from now.

"They're two good quarterbacks, they're two good competitors, and they're two good guys," Caputi said.