In the aftermath of a Waterville Police Department (WPD) raid on an off-campus party last weekend, more than 50 Colby students are now facing alcohol-related charges.

The party took place on Saturday, September 17 and was hosted by three male students living in an apartment in Waterville. According to the Colby Echo, all three are of age and were arrested on charges of furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol.

The WPD was alerted to the incident when they pulled over the car of an 18-year old female student whom they suspected had been drinking. According to WMTW—the local ABC-affiliate—the police traced the student's alcohol consumption to an off-campus party, which they then went to investigate.

The Echo reported that the officers were denied entry to the apartment upon their arrival, but cordoned off the area while they waited for a search warrant. During this time some students exited the premises, allowing police to question and summon those who had been drinking and were underage.

When the WPD finally entered the apartment, they checked the identification of all those inside. Party-goers of legal age were permitted to leave, while underage attendees were breathalyzed. All of those registering any blood-alcohol content were summoned.

According to WMTW, 49 students will have to answer the charges of possession by a minor in Waterville District Court on December 6.

The Echo also reported that the Colby administration would take disciplinary action against all those involved.

Meanwhile on Saturday night at Bowdoin, two intoxicated first years were found by Safety & Security in the second floor women's bathroom of Appleton Hall. They were reported to have abused hard alcohol and were transported by Brunswick Rescue to Parkview Adventist Medical Center.