The Bowdoin Office of Safety and Security and the Brunswick Police Department (BPD) are continuing their investigations into a chain of recent burglaries on campus and the surrounding area.

Following football practice on the afternoons of September 9 and 10, several students reported items missing from the football team's locker room in Pickard Field House, including cash, credit cards, cell phones, athletic apparel, a team playbook and stereo equipment.

Two days later, on the evening of September 12, student residents of 75 Harpswell Road reported encountering an unidentified male inside the building. When confronted by a student, the man claimed to be reporting the attempted theft of a bicycle outside the residence, but after he left, students noticed that several items were missing from their rooms, including cash, an HP laptop, an iPod and a Play Station 3.

Security and the BPD believe that the same person committed all three burglaries. Though the perpetrator has not yet been apprehended, several recent developments have led investigators closer to discovering his identity. The first lead in the case came when one of the stolen credit cards was used at four local businesses.

"We were able, working with Brunswick Police, to obtain security video from a local supermarket of the person who was using one of the stolen credit cards," said Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols. "Those pictures were sent out to the community on a security alert."

Soon after, Nichols said, Security received several tips from Bowdoin students that were "very helpful in the investigation," including reported sightings of the suspect in a parking lot near Brunswick Apartments and on Garrison Street. A local businessperson also responded to the security alert with a description of the suspect's vehicle.

According to Nichols, "We're still gathering information [but] we have a very strong suspect in mind...We're making great progress."

In the meantime, students are rethinking their own approaches to protecting their personal items. Adrienne O'Donnell '15 said that she always locks her door and has a friend watch her computer when she cannot keep an eye on it herself.

"I'm planning on buying a bike lock, because I didn't have one before," said O'Donnell.

Sara Davenport '13 said that she and her roommates usually leave one door to their Pine St. apartment unlocked, but that in light of the recent burglaries they are "considering locking both doors."

Nichols encourages students to "be alert. Make sure you secure your property and your belongings, [and] take normal precautions."

He advises any student who encounters the suspect to call Security. Students should not approach the suspect, as he is not known to be dangerous but could behave unpredictably if confronted.

For now, the investigation is ongoing, but Nichols said he confident that its resolution is near.

"It's a process, [but] I have no doubt that we'll solve all these crimes relatively soon."