Safety and Security and the Brunswick Police Department (BPD) are on the lookout after a flurry of burglaries struck campus this past weekend. At least 10 students reported missing wallets, credit cards, and clothing from their Pickard Field House lockers after football practice on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Because there was no sign of a forced entry, Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols suspects that the locker room door had been left propped open.

The field house burglaries were folllowed by reports of a break-in on Sunday night, after three Bowdoin students informed Security of finding a man in their home, and later, missing cash and a laptop. The description the students offered of the alleged burglar matched supermarket security camera stills of a man using the credit cards stolen from Pickard.

Monday morning brought a third report of attempted theft. The perpetrator allegedly tried to steal a laptop from an athletic office in the Peter Buck Center over the weekend. The laptop was connected to a workstation, however, so only accessories were missing. The accessories were found on Monday in the locker room near the Lubin Squash Center.

The close radius of the thefts and the time frame of the reports have led Security to believe the incidents are related. An unrelated report noted a black bag stolen from the Thorne Dining Hall coat area, and the incident has not been linked to the other thefts.

Nichols issued a security alert, asking campus to "keep an eye out for the suspect" and "take due precautions to safeguard their property."

He also wanted to clarify that the suspect is indeed a white male, after some confusion arose from the pictures that Safety and Security sent out in a campus-wide email.