What song makes you most nostalgic for your childhood?

MJ: When I was a little boy, my Ma had an album that had a bunch of disco hits played on Spanish guitar. "Fernando" by ABBA was one of the songs on this album.

NL: My mom played a lot of Motown, especially Diana Ross and the Supremes, so I would have to go with "Where Did Our Love Go?"

Best musician of all time?

MJ: Dan Bejar. His Destroyer project is completely ridiculous. He makes pop songs with just this crazy menagerie of influences. Horn arrangements, jazz breaks and all these huge orchestral blasts just make those songs huge. He's also everywhere, too, like in The New Pornographers.

NL: After a lot of thought I would have to go with Sufjan Stevens. I even enjoy his more experimental stuff like in his latest album and he manages to incorporate a lot of different elements into his music. Also the fact [that] he went to school two miles from my house in Michigan makes him a god in my eyes because [he] is living proof [that] people from my town can thrive in the arts.

What's your 'guilty pleasure' song?

MJ: "Grease" in its entirety.

NL: "All I want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey.

Best back-to-school jam?

MJ: "Every Goddamn Thing" by Khanate.

NL: "A Little More Time" by Zox.

Most profound lyrics?

MJ: "And when I get f***** up / I do the best to make myself not f*** up again / My heart and my lungs do / Why can't I do the same for everyone I love too?" (from "Laughing Hieroglyphic" by Avey Tare).

NL: "I used to have a pretty nice spine, but I neglected to give it a name / so each time I tried to straighten it, I couldn't get its attention" (from "Crane Your Neck" by Lady Lamb The Beekeeper).

If you were to be married tomorrow, what song would you want playing during your first dance?

MJ: "Don't Stop Now" by Queen.

NL: "Green Eyes" by Coldplay.

Most romantic line from a song?

MJ: "And I want to touch you like the seed touches the soil, / I want to hold you like the milk holds the spoil" (from "Up in the Rafters" by Lady Lamb The Beekeeper).

NL: "When I saw you piss on the rug, my heart fluttered / and I knew it was love, true love" (from "Love at First Fright" by Murderdolls).

Favorite song of the summer?

MJ: Since I only just listened to "Endless Summer" by Fennesz this summer, I would name him again, but that's cheating. So, "Iznae" by 6th Borough Project.

NL: "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean.

Song that reminds you of Bowdoin?

MJ: "Spanish Flea" by Herb Alpert.

NL: "Shots" by LMFAO.

What album will stand the test of time?

MJ & NL: "You Forgot It in People" by Broken Social Scene.

Favorite driving album?

MJ: "Badlands" by Dirty Beaches.

NL: "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire.

What lyrics are stuck in your head now?

MJ: I just have Keyboard Cat stuck in my head, actually.

NL: "And when their own walls they will a-crumble, / And all the systems will be discumbumbled..." (from "Through The Roof 'N' Underground" by Gogol Bordello).

-Compiled by Jordan Daniel Lantz

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