To the Editors:

My name is Todd Lamoreau. Some of you may have known me as the physical therapist on campus here at Bowdoin for the past seven years. I was also the athletic trainer for the women's volleyball team for the past three years.

It has been a great seven years and I enjoyed creating and advancing the physical therapy program in conjunction with Select Physical Therapy and Bowdoin College's thletics department.

Unfortunately, I will no longer be on campus by the time the fall semester begins this year. Bowdoin has decided to change companies at this time. The new company will be OA Centers for Performance. Both Bowdoin and OA asked me to stay and continue to provide physical therapy and athletic training services.

I want to be forthcoming about my decision to stay with Select Physical Therapy: I could not accept the employment offer from OA for personal and professional reasons.

That being said, Bowdoin is a very wonderful college and its departments are always looking out for the well-being of their faculty, staff and students.

I appreciate the relationship I was allowed while at the College and hope to continue it in one form or another.

I will continue working for Select Physical Therapy at their clinics in Brunswick and Auburn. I would be glad to continue to provide physical therapy services for anyone affiliated with Bowdoin College.

Thanks again for the past seven years and I hope everyone has a good academic year.


Todd Lamoreau