Following the candidate debates on Monday, Bowdoin Student Government (BSG) met briefly on Wednesday evening to continue discussion of guest meal plans and gender-neutral housing.

After last week's proposal by At-Large Representative Tess Kramer '13, BSG President John Connolly '11 met with Dining Service to pitch the idea of adding five guest meals to student dining hall meal plans.

Although he did not mention whether or not Dining Service was in favor of the measure, Connolly did report that in the past Bowdoin students had guest meals. However, these meals were eventually phased out in order to give students more Polar Points.

Kramer reminded the assembly that reinstituting a guest meal plan is ultimately the decision of Dining Service.

"The thing to emphasize is that a vote would not put anything into effect," she said. "The vote would simply ask Dining Service to consider the proposal."

BSG proceeded to approve the measure by unanimous vote.

After meeting with various administrators, the Facilities Committee reviewed a proposal to revise the current gender-neutral housing policy, which had been discussed last week. The proposal would implement a policy in which no prior notification would be needed should a student decide that he or she wants to sign up for gender-neutral housing.

In addition, the proposal would allow for all upperclassmen housing to be deemed gender-neutral. Previously, students who wanted to live in gender-neutral housing were limited to doubles. In another unanimous vote, BSG approved the proposal.

Address of the first year book program, which had been extensively discussed last week, was tabeled until next Wednesday.

Connolly also reminded members to vote in the upcoming BSG officer elections. The online polls will open today at 8 a.m. and continue through 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Video from the candidate debates on Monday can also be viewed by visiting BSG's channel on YouTube (