Dear prospective members of the Class of 2015,

This space is not normally reserved for you. Today, however, is an exception. After years of jumping through hoops, you've been accepted to Bowdoin. Congratulations! Yet maybe you have offers to matriculate at Williams or Dartmouth, and the ball, for the first time, is in your court. When Williamstown and Hanover beckon, why come to Brunswick?

First off, our dining is the best. Period. It is a part of what makes the quality of life at Bowdoin truly amazing. Three times a day, you will remember why you came and be glad you did.

You know how hyper-competitive the college admissions process can be. Luckily, at Bowdoin you will be spared the agony of fretting about how you stack up to your peers. For the most part, Bowdoin students are interesting, smart and highly motivated, but we like to keep that to ourselves.

Most liberal arts colleges are located in towns that are either small, unwelcoming, or both. Brunswick has the advantage of being a medium-sized town with a friendly demeanor. Admittedly, our town might not compare in scale to the relative metropolis of Providence, for example, but we are more than satisfied with our charming locale. With the Maine coast less than five miles away and a variety of outdoor activities readily accessible, students can get off campus and clear their minds without straying too far off the beaten path.

And have you ever heard of a fun party at Amherst? We haven't either. The College House System is unlike any other, and it binds together the community without the divisiveness of Greek life. Where else can you live in a mansion with all of your friends as only a sophomore? You will not spend time waiting in long lines or begging to be "on the list" here. You can party with any of us. Seriously.

And in the event that you ever do have a problem with the way things are run here—sometimes there are fork shortages in the dining hall—you can email President Barry Mills directly and be sure to expect a response.

Students genuinely enjoy their four years here. Don't just take our word for it. According to the Orient's latest approval ratings, 95 percent of students approve or strongly approve of the College as a whole. Ninety-eight percent say the same of our faculty.

The numbers don't lie. We have a first year retention rate of 98 percent, which ties us for first among liberal arts colleges. And memories of Bowdoin do not fade; 54 percent of alumni donated to the College last year, a participation rate that most Ivy League schools enviously admire.

But before one can join the ranks of our generous alumni, there is a small matter that requires attention. You have a letter to mail.

The editorial represents the majority view of the Bowdoin Orient’s editorial board, which comprises Nick Daniels, Piper Grosswendt, Linda Kinstler and Seth Walder.