With only one loss to date, women's lacrosse has posted a strong beginning to its season, having decimated their opponents with wins as great as 21-2.

Over Spring Break, the Polar Bears faced Wesleyan, Endicott, Trinity, Keene State, Amherst and University of Southern Maine. Trinity was their only loss.

Recovering from two weeks of intensive training over Spring Break, the women nonetheless dominated in Wednesday's game against University of Southern Maine, with a final score of 21-2. The women scored the first eight goals of the game. High scorers Katie Stewart '12 and Carolyn Gorajek '13 each claimed three goals, while senior co-Captain Katy Dissinger, Devin Hardy '13, Jordan Smith '14, and Liz Clegg '12 all had two scores.

At halftime, the women held a 13-1 lead over the Huskies, and, with a 6-0 run after halftime, managed to push the score to 19-1. The team went on cruise control from there.

Last Saturday, the women faced Amherst in an intense game, eventually beating out the Lord Jeffs for a 9-8 win.

Late in the first half, Dissinger scored two goals to give the Polar Bears a 5-2 edge going in to halftime. However, Amherst opened the second half with a 5-0 run, bringing the score to 7-5 in favor of the Lord Jeffs. Bowdoin rallied with a goal from Clegg, bringing the score to 7-6. Gorajek promptly scored two unassisted goals to bring the tally to 8-7 Bowdoin, and Celeste Swaine '12 notched a goal with an assist from Olivia King '14 to bring the score to 9-7 Bowdoin.

Amherst scored once more, making the final score 9-8 Bowdoin's favor.

The game against Keene State was a more decisive win of 15-3, with the Polar Bears playing well for both halves.

The women opened the game with an 8-0 run and dominated the majority of the play, barring Keene from scoring, allowing them only 5 shots on goal to their 30 on Keene's goal keeper.

Two weekends ago, on March 19, the Polar Bears faced their first loss of the season against Trinity College, with a final score of 7-8. Trinity began the game with an 8-1 lead in the first 20 minutes of the game. Clegg scored two goals before the half to bring the tally to 8-3, and the Polar Bears rallied after halftime to give the Bantams a fight for the victory.

Goalkeeper Tara Connolly '13 saved 10 shots, keeping Trinity scoreless in the second half as the Bowdoin women scored three times in four minutes to bring the tally to 6-8. With 11 minutes left to play, Dissinger brought the score to 7-8, but the Polar Bears couldn't rally to tie the game.

Earlier in the season, the Polar Bears won handily against Wesleyan and Endicott, with final scores of 15-11 and 15-5, respectively. This Saturday, the women will face Conneticut College in a home game.