Almost two weeks after "Meatless Monday" on February 21, one might expect the campus debate to have finally run its course.

However, Bowdoin's own meat-free event has also gained attention from several national media outlets.

Earlier this morning, seniors Sam Landis and Sean Healey were interviewed on the Fox News morning program "Fox and Friends" about their protest of "Meatless Monday."

According to Co-President of the Bowdoin Democrats Katy Shaw '11, the event is being blown out of proportion with the national attention.

"The issue is being used to score political points outside the scope of the one-time 'Meatless Monday' event at Bowdoin," she said.

On Tuesday, Mark Bittman, a weekly food columnist for the New York Times, tweeted about the controversy: "Bowdoin College students revolt against 'Meatless Monday'; there has to be a better way than forced vegetarianism."

Under the headline "'Meatless Monday' Spurs Controversy at Bowdoin," The Huffington Post linked to a February 25 article in the Orient regarding the event.

In its coverage, Inside Higher Ed interviewed Shaw and several students who organized a barbecue outside Thorne Dining Hall, and closed their article with a short discussion about—and a link to—a Facebook page filled with comments left by "pro-meat contingent[s]."