Associate Professor of Economics at Colby Philip H. Brown resigned from his position after he was informed that the college intended to fire him, after allegations of taking pictures of female students in a bathroom during a college-sponsored trip.

According to a February 11 article in the Portland Press Herald, Brown led several students on trip to China in late January as part of Colby's "Jan Plan." He allegedly placed a hidden camera in a first aid kit, which was located in a bathroom used by female students on the trip.

On January 25, Colby officials contacted Brown regarding the allegations and he admitted to having taken pictures in a similar manner before. After the phone call, Brown was immediately placed on administrative leave.

In a letter to the Colby community, President of Colby William D. Adams wrote that Brown's "resignation at Colby's request is related to [a] violation of student privacy."

"The matter has prompted an investigation by law enforcement authorities, and the College is cooperating with that investigation," he added. "We are limited in our ability to share further details at this time."

Maine state detectives have yet to specify a crime prosecutable in the United States, since the photos were taken in China.

"We do not and will not tolerate behavior that is antithetical to the fundamental values of our community," Adams wrote.

Brown, an associate professor of economics at Colby since 2003, had previously received tenure.