After a joint meet against Trinity and Wesleyan last Saturday, the swimming and diving teams will take on Colby tomorrow in the Polar Bears' only home meet of the season.

The men trounced both Trinity and Wesleyan last weekend, 182-105 and 205-86, respectively. The women were victorious over Trinity, 191-103, but fell to Wesleyan, 165-128.

"[The men's team] handled both teams pretty easily," said Mac Routh '12. "It was particularly impressive because I don't think we've beaten Wesleyan in recent history."

"Their results were better than expected," added head coach Brad Burnham. "They swam very well even though not everybody had a lot of competition."

The team took first in the 400-yard medley relay and 400-yard freestyle relay, as well as in many individual events.

"The women were swimming well and doing everything right, but unfortunately they were falling short on points against Wesleyan," Burnham said.

Allen Garner '12 took first in the 200-yard backstroke, and Helen Newton '14 won the 100-yard breaststroke.

Last weekend's meet also gave the Polar Bears an opportunity to take a look at their competition for tomorrow's meet.

"Honestly, Trinity and Wesleyan were stiffer competition than Colby," said Routh.

Burnham agreed that this meet wouldn't be difficult for the men.

"Our men's team is [just looking] to be stronger after last weekend. Their challenge will be to race even faster," Burnham said. However, the meet will likely be different for the women's team.

"It looks like it's going to be a close one... We are evenly matched [with Colby], but not in the same events," he said. "It's going to be who can take points away from the other team's points."

Because the Polar Bears are hosting the NESCAC championship for men's swimming, this weekend marks their only home meet of the regular season.

"Being home is a much more comfortable place to race," said Burnham.

"Our pool is one of the nicer ones in the NESCAC," added Routh, so "it's always good for us to be swimming at home."

The Colby meet marks the end of the dual-meet season for the Polar Bears.

"[It] is always really the biggest, most exciting's a good culmination [of the regular] meet season," Routh said. Plus, he has high expectations for the men's team.

"Pretty much across the board, we have the potential to really win every race," he added.