On Monday, four hours before Mike "Greeny" Green was scheduled to take the stage in Pickard Theater for a presentation on alcohol education entitled "The Four Stages of Venus," students received an e-mail stating that the event had been abruptly canceled.

The e-mail, sent by Executive Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs Denise Trimmer, reported that Green's absence was "due to illness."

The presentation, sponsored by the Athletic Department, was described as mandatory for all first-year athletes and recommended for upperclassmen athletes.

Green's presentation would have been the second talk on alcohol so far this academic year, following an orientation week address by Jason Kilmer, a clinical psychologist who lectures on alcohol.

Green's planned presentation would have come in the aftermath of a variety of incidents involving alcohol and athletics teams over Winter Break, but Director of Athletics Jeff Ward said that the decision to bring Green—who last presented at the College three years ago—emerged during finals period in December.

"His spin on [alcohol] is in line with the College, and he delivers the message pretty uniquely," said Ward. "The beginning of the [spring] semester seemed like a good time because people aren't so busy."

Ward mentioned that there remains an effort to reschedule Green for later in the semester, but it could be difficult due to Green's tight schedule and the fact that both students and campus venues become busier as the semester progresses.

Ward said that the Dean's Office may schedule a replacement event without Green's presentation in coming weeks.